Vasilii   Ivanovich  Filimonov

Date of birth:  the 9th of April, 1949 (67 years old)filimonov

Place of birth: the USSR, Moscow

Nationality: Russian

The master of sport of the USSR, the honorable trainer of Russia in boxing, the honorable worker of physical culture of the Russian Federation, the doctor of pedagogical sciences (PHD), the professor, the academician of the Russian academy of natural sciences (RАNS).

According to the Decree № 614 from the 10th of May, 2011, issued by the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Filimonov is awarded the Order of Friendship due to his long lasting work in strengthening of the international links.

Education: Sporting-pedagogical higher education;

1971 – graduated from the Central Institute of Physical Education in Moscow. Specialty: a trainer teacher of boxing.

Experience of work as a trainer of boxing since 1970 (more than 40 years)

1970-1978 – Sports school of boxing for children and youth.

1979-1982 – Higher educational establishment, the sports training department.

1983-1984 – senior trainer of the boxing national team of Nepal (which led to the participation of the boxers from Nepal  in the Olympic  Games in 1984 in Los Angeles).

1985 – 1989 – the main trainer in boxing in Moscow, the coach of the boxing national team of the USSR, the Chairman of All-USSR Boxing Trainers’ Council (1987-1988)

1990-2006 – the head of the Physical Education and Sports department at Higher educational establishment; finishing of the scientific research, the doctoral thesis (2003) “The pedagogical system of physical training of boxers”.

The preparation and publication of the summarizing training manuals under the auspices of the Federation of  boxing in Russia. The basic manuals are the following:  the sporting-technical and physical training (2000);

the pedagogical bases of education and improving (2001);

the theory and the methodology of  boxing  (2006).

And also, as a result, the monographs were published:

The modern system of  the preparation of boxers (2009);

The boxing and kickboxing. The education and training (2012).

During the work with the national team of the USSR in 1985-1988 Mr. Filimonov supervised the training  of Viacheslav Janovskyi, the future Olympic champion in Seoul (1988)  and also the masters of sports of international level such as A. Milov, V. Karpuhin, A. Zolkin, A. Burmistrov.

From 2007 till 2009 – working as the head trainer of the Italian national team of boxing. Mr. Filimonov assured  successful participation  of the boxers Pikardi, Valentino, Russo and Kammarelе in the competitions in World Cups in Chicago and Milan . As a result, the Italian national team won 2 golden, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in World Cup in Chicago in 2007 ; and they also won 2 golden medals in World Cup in Milan in 2009  and  1 golden, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008). The work was highly appreciated by the Italian Federation of boxing by a letter of thanks to Mr. Murow, President of the Russian Boxing Federation.

In 2009 Mr. Filimonov was appointed a chairman of public trainers’ council of the Russian Boxing Federation. From February 2010 till September 2012 by recommendation of the Russian Boxing Federation Mr. Filimonov worked with the national team from Astana (Kazakhstan) and was a member of trainers of Kazakhstan national team getting ready for the Olympic Games in 2012 in London. A special reference to this work is marked in a letter of thanks from Kazakhstan Boxing Federation. Mr. Filimonov  got the honorary title of Doctor of Kazakhstan Academy of Sports and Tourism.

Today Mr. Filimonov is the professor of the physical education and sport department at the Russian State Geological Survey University, the member of public trainers’ Council of the Russian Boxing Federation.

As an expert of AIBA by the recommendation of the Russian Boxing Federation from 1996 till 2010 Mr. Filimonov  performed the practical seminars for the trainers of boxing in Nepal, Serbia, Croatia, Tadjikistan, North Korea, Norway, Uzbekistan, Italy, China, Cuba, Spain, Ireland, Kazakhstan and  also many cities of Russia.

In January 2010 he participated in the work of trainers’ commission of AIBA in Khamen in China. In 2013 AIBA admitted Mr. Filimonov a trainer of higher qualification level.

In 2016 – the main trainer of the Italian national team.