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PHD,Professor, AIBA Coaches Commission member, Chairman of the Coaches Commission of the Russian Boxing Federation, Coach ( Direttore Tecnico) of Italian Boxing team in the period of 2007-2008

The Olympic training system at present provides conditions for a boxer to demonstrate his physical ability and motion in combination with individual manner of boxing.

In the process of training we should focus on :

  1. Prognostication
  1. Determination of the purpose of the sport training ( possible results, achievements of the winners and prize-winners of the competitions);
  2. Determination of the “interim” model characteristics during different periods of training.
  1. Modeling

Working out of content and structure of model characteristics of the main aspects of training ( physical, technical, tactical, psychological, functional). The “ models of training”(the special training programs for different periods and stages of training).

  1. Technology

The implementation of the special training programs which include as an obligatory element the so called “training unit “ ( determination the level of the athlets training, analysing the situation and comparing with the “ model”, working out and realization of corrective methods, making changes in the programs at different stages and periods of training).

Analysing the development the development of the sports of the highest achievements, studying the main aspects of the athlets training during the previous Olympic cycle ( 2005-2008) helped to reveal the main trends and the basic principles of the qualified athlets training. Among them there are the following ones :

  1. Proportionality between forming , developing and improving of moving potential of the athletes and effective realization of this potential during major competitions. It is attained by application of special training methods and their combinations depending on the volume and intensity, complexity and urgency, technical and tactical skills, psychological characteristics etc.
  2. Complex approach which envisages combination of training and competition load, ways of restoration and rehabilitation and improving of physical ability moving capacity.
  3. Progressive” training that means achieving the high level of special physical training, possessing an arsenal of technical and tactical skills, psychological characteristics that prevails the assumed level of competition activity.
  4. Controllability of the training system that envisages proper planning and making corrections in the scientific and methodological programs in time according to:
  1. The current study of the sport trends and innovations ;
  2. Modernization of sport equipment , gymnastic apparatus, simulators, using proper methods of training;
  3. Using physiotherapeutical , dietary and pharmacological methods of restoration, rehabilitation and improving of sport efficiency.
  1. Intensification of the general physical ( athletic ) training as the basis of overcoming “the barriers” (psychological, physical ,technical, t actical etc.),restoration and “ compensation” of the influence of high-intensive training methods on the sportsmen .
  2. Effective adaptation to the extreme situations in boxing during major competitions, which is attained by reiterated modeling of such situations and reproducing the special motions during the training and competitions.

Al l the above principles typical for the sports of the highest achievements are modified in the special training programs. And it is advisable to take them into account in the process of boxer training.

Such methods were used during training of the Italian national team before the World Championship in Chicago in 2007 and the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.

The long term process of training may be presented in the diagram in the following way:

It is advisable to conduct competition training with the representatives of different boxing schools (from Europe , Asia, Africa , Latin America).

It is desirable to arrange team rehabilitation practice in mild climate (for example in Cyprus).

The final period of training should de carried out in latitude of the place where the Olympic Games will be held.

Olympic gold medallist Roberto Cammarelle and his Coach Vasiliy Filimonov .

Beijing , 24 of August , 2008.

More detailed information about long- term training in boxing you can get in the books ( The Theory and Methodology of Boxing) issued in 2006 and ( Modern training system of boxing ) issued in 2009 and (Modern training system of boxing) issued in 2013, by professor V. Filimonov.

You may contact with V.Filimonov by e-mail :